The Mourant Surf Academy, Jersey

We're delighted to support the Jersey Surfboard Club's Surf Academy



Simon Gould, Partner, Jersey

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"The Jersey Surfboard Club has a long history of encouraging young surfers and producing numerous champions. A large part of our sponsorship will support the Channel Islands team so that they can compete at the European Surfing Federation Euro Juniors Championships 2014 during September in the Azores. Something that really appeals to us is the fact that the Surf Academy promotes both individual endeavour and determination, as well as mutual respect and team sportsmanship."

Simon Gould, Partner, Jersey


"We are delighted to be working with the Jersey Surfboard Club and supporting their growing Surf Academy. It's great for us to be involved in surfing which offers so much to our young Islanders. The sport encourages young surfers to respect the power of the sea, improve their general fitness, learn new skills and embrace competitiveness."

Ed Devenport, Partner, Jersey

"Surfing is fun. Over the past ten to fifteen years in Jersey we have seen an incredible growth in surfing. We encourage young beginners 'to try, and give surfing a go' from across our Island-wide community. Many of our young surfers have, over the years, trained hard to develop their skills and have competed in national, European and worldwide competitions."

David Ferguson, President, Jersey Surfboard Club

"Our growing Surf Academy and under 18 surfers together account for over 50% of our annual membership. We have restructured our Academy like other notable sporting academies across the Island and our junior squad will continue to play a pivotal role in developing local youth surfing. Going forward, Mourant Ozannes' support will help us to develop our young and talented athletes with a demanding training programme that's managed by both national and internationally qualified coaches."

Suki Brewer, Junior Director, Jersey Surfboard Club

Surfing, and particularly youth surfing, continues to enjoy huge popularity in Jersey. It's a healthy sport which appeals to every age group, gender and standard of surfing ability.

The JSC formed in 1959, is one of the oldest surf clubs in Europe, and celebrated its 50th Centenary during 2009 and supports junior, senior and professional members who compete in the Channel Islands, UK, European and worldwide competitions

For more information on the club and the academy, please visit the Jersey Surfboard Club.