Wednesday 5 October 2016


12:00pm Registration and Lunch

12:30pm Seminar Starts

14:00pm Seminar Ends



Data security and workplace investigations seminar

The importance of data security is very much a live and current issue for many businesses. As people become more and more tech savvy, the majority of day to day business is now transacted online, by computer or smartphone. Whilst the development of technology has increased flexibility in terms of the ways in which we work, it has also opened up and exposed organisations to a host of problems concerning the protection of data. So what do you do if there is a breach and how do you respond? What procedures do you have in place to mitigate such loss? How do you manage employees that are responsible for the breach? Topics to discuss include:

  • The dos and don'ts of data security and how best to protect your business
  • Managing workplace investigations and suspension
  • The importance of appropriate contractual clauses
  • Data protection
  • Policies, procedures and plans
  • Top tips for prevention

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