Breakfast Seminar - Managing the fall-out of a data breach



Wednesday 6 March


8:00am | Registration
8:15am | Seminar start
9:30am | Seminar end


Upper Globe, Mourant Office, Royal Chambers

Breakfast Seminar - Managing the fallout of a data breach

We're pleased to invite you to our seminar, 'Managing the fall-out of a data breach', which will explore how organisations should respond to a data breach and what plans can be put in place to manage the legal and reputational implications.

The session will be held as a panel discussion moderated by Guernsey Managing Partner, Jessica Roland, which will show how public relations and legal teams can work together to help organisations handle data breach issues efficiently and start the recovery process quickly. Our key speakers and their subject areas include:

> Black Vanilla Director Nichole Culverwell addressing the threat that data breaches pose to corporate reputation and how organisations can communicate well during a cyber crisis, manage media and stakeholder expectations and respond quickly in the event of a breach.

> Mourant Senior Associate Sally French covering fraud and regulatory issues together with a range of legal considerations of a data breach.

> Mourant's Head of Information Security, Matthew Parker speaking on types of cyber threats, and how organisations can prepare for and respond to a data breach.

> Mourant Associate Hana Plsek considering the employer / employee angle in such breaches, plus key data protection factors.

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