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Mourant in Hong Kong

Why make the move to Hong Kong? 

Do you thrive in a fast-paced environment? Or are you looking for new challenges in a unique and vibrant city? Hong Kong has long been a desirable relocation destination for expats. With its deep culture and history, yet friendly and welcoming community, this iconic Asian destination is a hub of activity and opportunity. Experience a new way of living while furthering your career with the fastest growing offshore firm in Asia. 

What can you expect from Hong Kong?

We're all familiar with the saying 'work hard, play harder' and Hong Kong is a city that lives by this rule. Working hours are long and Saturday is also classed as a working day. Day to day life is fast paced and the city is always a vibrant hub of activity. The workforce is efficient, educated and reliable and employers have high expectations.

All this work means that a lot more effort goes in to making the most of any spare time. Hong Kong is famous for its nightlife and social scene and it's safe to say that you need never get bored with so much to do on your doorstep.

Moving to Hong Kong offers you the chance to experience something new every day and quickly grow and develop in an exciting role.

What is Hong Kong best known for?

Hong Kong has a rich and fascinating culture, and with so much to learn and see, you'll struggle to find the time to do it all. What else is Hong Kong famous for? The food. There are so many restaurants in the city that you will be spoilt for choice, and just when you think you've been to them all, a new 'must-see' restaurant will appear. Lastly, you can't talk about Hong Kong without mentioning the shopping. You can find everything you need here, so shop until you drop.

Why do people move to Hong Kong?

If you're looking for somewhere with an active social scene, with something to do every night of the week, then Hong Kong is the place to be. Bars and restaurants are open late, so you can enjoy a drink and a nice meal even with the longer working hours. The climate is usually good, although very hot at times. But it is nearly always dry and warm, allowing everyone the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors a lot more often.

Why choose Mourant in Hong Kong?

Our Hong Kong office has gone from strength to strength since it opened in 2012, and this success has made us the fastest growing offshore law firm in Asia in recent times. If you're looking to do the best work for the best clients, advising on many of the most high profile and complex matters in the Asia region, then Mourant is for you.

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What is the work ethic like in Hong Kong?

If you’re moving to Hong Kong, you must be dedicated to your work. This is a place where everything gets done quickly, and expectations are sky-high. It can be very competitive, driving people to produce good quality work in a short space of time.

Where can you find Mourant Hong Kong?

The office is located in Central which is the business hub in Hong Kong and we are based in one of the most sought-after offices in the city. It is a fantastic location that is close to all the shops and the MTR (underground). We are also surrounded by some of the best restaurants.