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We want to be known as a leader in inclusion in the offshore market

Inclusion is one of our key business priorities and we recognise the importance of fostering an inclusive community.

We'd like to be seen as a leader in inclusion, and as an employer of choice in the offshore market.

We believe that nurturing a culture of inclusivity and mutual respect is vital to enabling and empowering each individual, whatever their background or experiences, to bring their whole selves to work and feel equally empowered to reach their full potential.

In addition, we want to attract and retain a diversity of talent to ensure that we can continue to provide our clients with the best services and solutions.

We recognise that we are on a journey and by promoting a culture of fairness at all levels and across all roles, we believe we are on the right path.

The Power of Inclusion

In this article, Daniel Birtwistle and Rachael McDonald, Inclusion Partners at Mourant, examine the importance of fostering an inclusive culture in the workplace and the steps that Mourant is taking to be a leader in inclusion among offshore firms.

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