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Our deep understanding of this fast-moving sector helps us provide seamless technical and commercially-grounded advice to meet our clients offshore structuring needs.


From fintech and cryptocurrencies to digital technology and ‘regtech’, the technology sector is evolving at a staggering rate. Staying on top of the constant changes requires a dedicated team who can marry technological advances with the opportunities they create in the offshore world. Our Fintech group does just that.

Spanning multiple offshore jurisdictions, our experts combine in-depth knowledge of this complex sector with commercial judgement and strong teamwork to offer a seamless service to businesses using offshore structures to generate funds and leverage new technology.

Services include:

Funding New Technology (offshore technology funds and other funding vehicles, including ICOs, ITOs and crypto funds)

Our pedigree in offshore fund formation in the tech space is second-to-none. We have decades of experience of working with investment managers and technology companies to form venture capital and private equity funds for investment in diverse technological areas including digital technology, cryptocurrencies, fintech, renewables, medtech and bio-venture companies.

Beyond traditional debt and equity fund raising models, come initial coin offerings (ICOs) and initial token offerings (ITOs) – crowdfunding in the digital world. We understand the issues, challenges and the opportunities of this exciting new environment and help our clients navigate the offshore legal and regulatory landscape for their funding.

We work closely with the regulators in our key offshore jurisdictions, who have adopted a characteristically pragmatic and innovative approach in seeking to understand and accommodate the particular risks of investment in these potentially high-yielding assets.

Financial Regulation & Regtech (regulation and its effects)

Our expert financial services and regulatory team advises traditional financial institutions as well as emerging fintech companies who operate from or who sell products and services into our offshore jurisdictions.

The depth of knowledge in our specialist team and our regular engagement with governments and regulators puts us at the forefront of financial regulation – we’re remarkably well-placed to understand the needs of our clients in this fast-developing sector.

We advise institutions who want to use technology to improve efficiency and client experience through, for example, use of the cloud, managed platforms and apps. Our expert advice also helps clients to apply data protection and financial regulation, including meeting outsourcing and anti-money laundering requirements, to their products, services and operating models.

We also support fintech newcomers to our jurisdictions, helping them navigate our licencing regimes and ensuring that their products, services and offerings are in line with local regulatory requirements.

Supporting Offshore Digital Technology Businesses (assisting with offshore tech business set-up and relocation)

Because of our international offshore presence, we’re strongly positioned to advise tech businesses looking to establish themselves in any of our tax-efficient but appropriately regulated offshore jurisdictions.

Our clients include long-established financial institutions, newer fintech businesses and retail giants who rely on technology to deliver their products and services. Our market-leading corporate, employment, regulatory and property teams work together to provide a seamless service for fintech businesses wanting to set up and operate offshore, or complete an offshore merger or acquisition. 

Our experience and understanding of the legal, tax and regulatory framework in our jurisdictions is second to none, so we can navigate through the full range of issues that will affect an offshore fintech business. We regularly assist clients with obtaining licences, negotiating leases, addressing competition issues, understanding financial services regulation, taxation, dealing with employees, meeting data protection requirements, corporate structuring and client contracts.

We can also leverage our extensive local network to make introductions for fintech companies that are new to our markets.

Blockchain and Smart Contracts

Our expert fintech team has a deep understanding of blockchain and distributed ledger technology involving offshore entities and offers assistance to those businesses and individuals looking to develop products and solutions in the blockchain space offshore.

With any new technology, particularly something as disruptive as blockchain, there are a range of factors to consider, including contractual, data protection, taxation and regulatory issues. With a strong focus on the commercial, we can help navigate through the process from concept to product or service, including advising in relation to smart contracts and digital asset arrangements.

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