Cayman Cricket

Mourant has been a proud supporter of Cayman Cricket since 2010. Cayman Cricket’s role is to promote, foster and organise the playing of cricket in the Cayman Islands. Our sponsorship helps to provide cricket coaching programmes for secondary schools as well as new equipment for young cricketers. The Mourant Secondary School Competition is a key component in the development plan which seeks to provide a platform for players to move from the primary school competition right through to senior national levels. 

Hector Robinson, Partner says:

"Mourant is proud to have the Under-15 Secondary competition branded as the Mourant U-15 Secondary School League. Youth sports are so important to the community and we are committed to nurturing it through targeted sponsorship initiatives such as this."

Abali Hoilett, President of Cayman Cricket stated that:

"Cayman Cricket is appreciative of Mourant's continued support in our efforts to develop the sport of cricket in the Cayman Islands. Their willingness to be a part of our secondary school programme has enabled us to provide a cricket programme for many of Cayman's talented youth."