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Many of us know about the fantastic work that the Family Support Network (FSN) does to help those in need in the BVI. One of the ways that they support people is through their “Food Bank” (which also stocks household essentials and toiletries). Unfortunately, demand for the food bank is higher than ever. In the past 12 months, the food bank has helped approximately 3,000 families, and this can put a serious strain on their supplies.

Like many others, Mourant has run a number of “food drives” in the past year, and we have been overwhelmed by how willing people are to donate. But these food drives only solve the problem in the short term; what we need is a more regular way to help FSN replace supplies as and when they need them.

We have been liasing with Roadtown Wholesale Trading Ltd (RTW) who has agreed to create a wholesale account, to allow FSN to order the stocks they need, when they need them (and at wholesale prices, so even better than us buying them in store).

Please can you spare a fixed amount every month, on top of your own shopping, to help a family which is having financial difficulties or escaping domestic violence?

Just $10 per month will buy much needed supplies.

If you are willing to donate in this way, please complete the attached Credit Agreement with RTW and return this to:

RTW will then charge your card the agreed amount each month, and these funds will be available for FSN to use to order supplies when they need them*.

Many thanks in advance for your support.

Eleanor Morgan

*RTW will be responsible for the processing of payments and any cancellations. Mourant will have no part in the administration.







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