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Ed Fletcher

Ed Fletcher

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To celebrate International Women's Day this week, three of our people share how together we're helping to foster a gender equal workplace.

In this final article, Ed Fletcher, Global Managing Director - Mourant Governance Services, explains how our Gender Balance Network 'Career Conversations' series is inspiring others.

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13 March 2020

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Career conversations to inspire others

We all know from personal experience that by listening to other people's stories, we're able to see things from a different perspective. Good stories motivate us, teach us something new and can often provide that much needed boost to believe in ourselves.

This is why our Gender Balance Network decided to launch a 'Career Conversations' programme, to inspire others to be the best they can be. We invite women from within our firm to share their career journeys, the challenges they have faced as women, what they have learnt along the way and to speak openly about whether gender has influenced their success.

The sessions have been truly insightful, inspirational and, above all, very honest. People have talked about how they have dealt with different situations during their working life, the people who have inspired them and sometimes the circuitous route they have taken on their career path. Frances Webster, Global Head of Client Accounting - Mourant Governance Services, spoke at our last career conversation and hearing about her journey from trainee auditor in the UK to her current role was fascinating. An interesting observation by Frances was that at the time she did not feel her path to success was affected by gender, but on reflection the speed of her getting there may have been.

By describing some of the barriers they have overcome, it helps dispel the myth that women can't progress in the workplace. We've learnt that gender doesn't have to be a barrier to succeed and that by working hard, and with the support from your employer and team around you, you can achieve your career goals.

These life lessons are ones I often share with my daughters, Thalia (14) and Rhea (16). As a father of two girls, it's of particular importance to me that they grow up and experience equal opportunity to progress and achieve their aspirations.

Gender equality and diversity is essential for business, economies and communities to thrive - that's why it's a priority for us at Mourant. Two thirds of our employees and over a quarter of our partnership are female. But we recognise that we need to shift the dial on gender balance and that there is much more that we can do. Recognition, in my opinion, is an important first step in our journey to nurturing an inclusive workplace.

Our Gender Balance Network is just one way to enable our people to have a voice, raise concerns, research and share ideas, so together we can improve gender equality across the firm.