A great week at the GFI HKFC 10s with Mourant Fiji Army

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15 April 2019

We would like to congratulate the Mourant Fiji Army on a fantastic week at the 2019 GFI HKFC 10s tournament. The team reached the semi-final before being knocked out by the eventual winners, Biarritz Gavekal.

We saw a valiant effort from the Mourant Fiji Army in the semi-final match as well as a great few days of rugby with stellar performances from the team.

Highlights for the team included a fantastic win for the team (19 – 7) against Hunter and Boo East Africans and their 17 - 0 win against Tiger Rugby, which was an amazing way to kick off day one of the tournament. The quarter-final was a nail-biting match ending in a 7-10 win against Grove Penguins for the Mourant Fiji Army.

It's been a pleasure to sponsor the team and we wish all of the players and members success for the rest of the year. 

Day one:

Mourant Fiji Army 17 v Tiger Rugby 0
Mourant Fiji Army 19 v Hunter and Boo East Africans 7
Mourant Fiji Army 5 v Samurai International 29 

Day two:

Mourant Fiji Army 10 v Grove Penguins 7
Mourant Fiji Army 0 v Biarritz Gavekal 43